Sunday, July 9, 2017

Leaving Kenya

Two years in Kenya are coming to an end for us.  Some final pictures of our life around Nairobi:

At camp Alex finished Lion's Pride - a challenge involving an assortment of challenges including staying up all night under the Kenyan stars without letting a fire go out.  He's only the 24th person to make it through the challenges in 17 years of Bluesky camps - way to go Alex!

MCC Kenya kids!

Boys leave with Just Connections for their last day of school at Rosslyn

One of many farewell ceremonies, this one at UDO in Machakos.  We had lots of cake in the last few weeks here.

Another cake and farewell, this in Kitui with SASOL

MCC Kenya team!

Showing off his clean water bottle at school in Mathare

Good friends (and WASH promoters) John and Brian.  We had many great times over the last few years.

One of the school pupil's parents, who practices water purification at home.  She has a business outside her house sewing.

Visiting another parent

Proudly displaying SODIS bottles, she is one of the "champion" parents in the WASH program

Soap readily available in the house for handwashing

Lunchtime at Mathare, lining up for ugale and sukuma wiki

At Mukuru, looking over the river behind the school.  This area is rapidly changing, with new buildings going up every week.  The river collects all manner of stuff washing downstream, which people them wade through and sort out anything valuable.  The dike shown does now help prevent flooding in the school's neighborhood.
Ready to head out the door from our apartment

Farewell to our askari David
One last time enjoying the amazing milkshakes at the guest house close to us.
One last post to come, as we spend a few days traveling in Scotland on our way home.

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